sábado, agosto 30, 2008

invisible jukebox VI

sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2008


lemonheads - 24 de outubro, santiago alquimista
american music club - 19 de setembro, festival bom barreiro

covers I

heart of gold

neil young

johnny cash

original de neil young, editada em 1972 no álbum harvest

segunda-feira, agosto 25, 2008

a melhor música de todos os tempos... hoje...

don't eat the yellow snow - frank zappa

terça-feira, agosto 19, 2008

sixto rodriguez

quase quarenta anos depois da edição dos únicos dois álbuns da carreira, sixto rodriguez começa finalmente a ser reconhecido como um nome maior da música popular. movendo-se entre as sombras de um dylan urbano e o funk, torna-se difícil compreender como só agora se assume a sua herança como fundamental.

nasceu em detroit, lançou dois álbuns logo no inicio da década de 70, obras magnificas de folk-funk assentes em poesia revolucionária, desapareceu durante trinta anos - por entre histórias que diziam que se tinha suicidado em cima do palco - para agora ser recuperado das cinzas, após a reedição de cold fact, álbum de 1970.

sugar man

sábado, agosto 02, 2008

too much guitar - reigning sound (2004)

14 lições garage-rock de uma das principais referências do género (ou da recente revisitação do género!): o sr. greg cartwright (ex-oblivians).

rock'n'roll como é suposto ser tocado, com electricidade a escorrer de todos os poros!

too much guitar

sexta-feira, agosto 01, 2008

lou reed

entrevista à revista visão (não traduzida), aquando da recente passagem do músico por portugal!

[It didn't start that bad, even. Cellphone on speaker, the digital recorder on, hands free to write anything down, the door closed, silence.]

[1st question:]

When you're on stage, playing the songs from Berlin, do you ever feel going to a certain state of mind, connected to the mood of the album [this is, allegedly, one of the most depressive album in the History of rock] and to the moment you recorded it?

[1st answer:]

I feel like I'm before a musical piece, songs that are very well written, that I have to play in the best way possible.

[Silence. I insist:]

But does this state of mind change every night? How is your emotional relationship with this songs?
I try to stay true to the words and tunes of Berlin. I approach each one of this songs the same way I approach every song of mine. I try to stay true to them.

[Despite the serious voice, almost mechanic, that was coming out of my phone, I still believed I could have an actual interview/conversation]

But do you feel them as something very farway?
You're asking me the same question ten times! Ok? I think that's enough. You're not going to get another answer that means anything to you. It's a work I love and that I can relate with the most purity in my heart I can. Ok?

Ok... Nowadays do you see yourself more like a rock'n'roll man or writing, literature man?
They don't kill each other. I've always been someone connected to rock'n'roll and I've always been a writer. I write the stuff for the guy that sings and plays the songs. It's all the same person. They're the same guy. What else can I say to you?

[Ok: don't insist again, don't stretch the silence for too long, go to the next question. Without having a clue that it would set the tone for the entire interview...]

You're playing in Lisbon on the same night as Leonard Cohen. In March you gave the speech for when Cohen entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... Do you feel close to him as a songwriter, despite coming from such different backgrounds?
The same night?! Yes, I gave that speech, obviously I feel close to him and to his work. I'm a fan. If we're the same type of songwriters, I'm not in a place to say it. But why the hell did they book us for the same night?! That's completely insane, don't you think? I'd love to see Leonard's concert. I wanted to see him perform. Why did they book us for the same day?

[I couldn't resist:]

I'm not in a place to say it. But you can always meet him after the concert...
I want to see him perform! I don't get it. On the same night?!

[The worst was yet to come. To be honest the question was far from great; yes, it's a bit shallow, but it 's one of those 'bad' questions that can have a good answer, revealing, surprising. And it had, in a way...]

At the age of 66, what is for you just a perfect day?
Oh, pleeeaaaase... Don't ask that. Questions like that are very boring for me. I'm sure you can do better... But if you want to waste your time, go ahead...

[Ok, focus, don't let the silence stretch too much, mutter something that makes sense. Anyway, move on. I still have a couple of minutes left. And after all there are always questions that work more or less with musicians. But will they work with Lou Reed?]

Are you writing any new stuff, new material? Do you write during the tours?
Yes. But I don't write when I'm playing. I have a new song, very good, that I'm giving away in my site: Power of the Heart. It's free.

Are you thinking about a new album?
I'm thinking about many things at the same time. But I don't have anything new to record.

Don't you get tired of the routine of being a musician?
I'm never going to grow tired of music. And I love playing with the band. I like to travel around different places. It's wonderful to see the rest of the world.

What have you been listening during this tour?
This tour's musical producer, Hall Wilner, and I have a radio program, Lou Reed's New York Shuffle. It's a paying satellite radio. And because of that I listen to the most eclectic type of music. Dance music, electronic music, bag-pipes, music from Argelia, rap... Any genre I can remember, I'll listen to it... R'n'B, soul, punk, new rock bands...

And do you have any reference from Portuguese music?
Give me a moment. [Yells: 'Willner! Will you give me some names of Portuguese musicians?' Silence. I laugh, this is starting to look like a comedy sketch. But the voice returns, deadpan]. Fado. My favourite type of Portuguese music is fado. In Lisbon I always like to go to the Fado Houses. I did that the last time I was there. Love it.

And literature, do you know anyone? And what have you been reading, lately?
[Yells again:] 'Willner, now it's Portuguese books! Have you been reading any Portuguese books?' I have a Portuguese cooking book. It's very good. But what I really like it's fado and the fado lyrics. It's so intense. The last book I read was A Fighter's Heart, One Man's Journey Through the World of Fighting, by Sam Sheridan.

Can we look forward any other songs, besides the ones from Berlin at the end of the concert?
I hope so. But what I really can't understand is why I'm playing on the same night as Leonard. I don't come there that many times and Leonard Cohen, god knows the last time he was there... This is really weird. Why do these stupid things happen? Jesus Fucking Christ!

[Last question, without high hopes, but time is running out and Lou Reed is starting to end each sentence like he's about to hung up. To be honest, I feel like everything is already lost.]

Do you share the interest in Obama's campaign for the US elections?
Anyone that's not a Republican. I'll vote for any candidate that can bring down the Republicans. Anyone that can rid us from Bush and from a disgusting and immoral war that should never have happened.

[I dare to insist, like in the beginning]

But are you keen on Obama?
Anyone that can bring down Bush! Ok?